Formed in 2010, MAKE ME A DONUT (MMAD) rapidly gathered a lot of attention from their surroundings by playing numerous shows in Switzerland and France. Their fast growing public led them to release their first self-titled EP in 2011, produced by Johan Meyer (Gojira, Monkey3, Dagoba).

This EP sent MMAD to a higher level, going on tour in France and Switzerland, ending with a show at the Greenfield Festival 2012 (starring LIMP BIZKIT, THE OFFSPRING, REFUSED). That year confirmed MMAD's status as unavoidable newcomers among the local metal scene.

After recording a demo and refining their line-up, the band started to work on their debut album. « Olson » will be released in late 2013 through Tenacity Music and will mark the beginning of a new era for the five young men.


  • Bright Side (album - 2015)
  • Olson (album - 2013)
  • Make Me A Donut (EP - 2011)

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Bright Side

  • « With jazz elements and sounds sometime coming from nowhere, we can see a musical progression amongst the sounds and influences of the band, which shows a gain of maturity and open-mindedness » – France – 16.5/20
  • « It's just like a good movie in which ever new elements emerge during each new viewing session » – Netherlands – 65/100
  • « The songs have great moments of riff writing that can change at any given moment into something dissionant » – United States – 4/5
  • « Instrumentals that are pure heaviness that keeps the music never ending, but constantly going » – United States
  • Featured on ItDjents compilation


  • « The band progress at a lightning pace and who knows how furious this can get. » – Croatia - 7/10
  • « Talking about skills, they love and perfectly master slick, convoluted musical lines of the highest order. In short, it just works. »
    Metal France – France – 7/10
  • « Telling which track stands out is not possible. It does not matter as Olson must be heard as a powerful whole. An instrumental track rounds off an album that really sets a particular mood for 30 short minutes of delight. » – Germany – 8/10
  • « The mood is shady, heavy and above all, groovy. Mixing deathcore and djent is possible and really effective. Olson flows smoothly and the 32 minutes segue faster than one might expect. The production is good, each instrument fits in perfectly and I have not heard a slapping bass sound like this one for a long time. Technically, it is tight and the sceptical ones will observe it live. »
    French-Metal – France - 8/10
  • « MMAD are unerringly brilliant at what they do, but this is unarguably music for the select few. Brutally heavy, viciously uncompromising, this is not a commercially minded project, but for those with a taste in extreme metal, ‘Olson’ is a powerfully recorded, brilliantly played and deeply satisfying release »
    Sonic Abuse – USA
  • « Listening to this album takes patience. Your brain will have to follow intricate paths to have a correct understanding of the techniques exposed. »
    Metal Head – Italy – 7/10
  • « As for now, let's just say that these eight tracks represent a band who could very well be the next Periphery, or even bigger. As long as they continue to deliver a refined sound and emphasize heaviness metal nerds across the globe should fall in love with Olson. »
    Rock Box – United Kingdom

Tenacity Music
CP 14
1270 Trélex